Modern Healthcare Facilities

Experience quality healthcare in our modern facilities with new operating theatres.
GoodSam Medical Centers boasts its state-of-the-art operating room complex with 4 operating theaters, that ranks among the best if not the best in Nueva Ecija. Each OR theater has its own laminar flow system, hepa filter and positive pressure which ensures the safety of the doctors, hospital staffs and patients from airborne viruses such as COVID -19. Also, the hospital updated its services by adding modern facilities such as a 64 slice CT Scan, and offering modern private rooms with standards at par with private hospitals in Metro Manila.

Business Center

Patient's Room

Operating Room

Laboratory Department

Radiology and Imaging Center

Hemodialysis Center

Cardiology and Pulmonary Department

Physical Therapy

Peregrin P. De Guzman Sr.
Nueva Ecija Eye and Laser Center

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